Sunday, May 3, 2009

Interview on"Open Road Radio"........

Well this morning got a call from "Open Road Radio Show" and they did about a 10 minute interview with me........
Definatly Kool, I enjoyed it, and hopefully we'll do it again sometime.
From everything I've seen & heard, they have a GREAT Show & Crew...... :)
Anywayzzzz....I'm putting a link to them here, (& my website, if I ever get the damned thing squared away) and there's no dout that once you've checked em out, you'll be tuneing in regularly......
Here's the info......

Gina Woods

Open Road Radio, Inc –

Open Road Television

P.O. Box 706

Bensenville IL 60106



Sunday 12 - 1 pm (CDT)

9 FM: 92.5, 92.7, 99.9

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