Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indian Larry Point Covers......

Indian Larry Point Cover

When I was doing the "Chain of Mystery" bike with Larry and his crew, a few years ago, I did up one of these point covers for him to put in with his other products. He thought it was Kool, and we were going to go ahead & do a "Limited Edition, Signed, & Numbered Series"

With his death, I had no desire to even think about point covers, or much else, & with all the people jumping on the Indian Larry bandwagon, with all kinds of crap all over the place..I really got a bad taste in my mouth, and more than a little pissed off the way some were almost like blood-sucking I just put everything out of my head as far as any IL engraved things go......

Larry's urn, & the air cleaner for the "Tribute Bike", were to be the last of anything "Larry" I would do....!!

Well time has passed, and the bandwagon finally broke down, and a few people are wanting me to go ahead with the least for them.

So, Here's the deal......

· I will be making a "VERY" Limited number of these point covers..

· They will be Signed, Numbered, and Dated with the original purchasers Name on the back….

· No two will be exactly alike, ALL will be photographed & filed for future identification

· There will be both 2 hole (Shovel & Sportster), & 5 hole (whater they fit) point covers…Other makes & models may (or may NOT) be made to order………

· Price...$380.00 ea. CASH or US Postal Money Order "ONLY"

· (No shipping charges... (I hate assholes that make ya pay extra for s&h)

Someone suggested doin' matching derby covers to match, but I don't see that happening, at least not in the near future, if ever….

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This PC was for Larry………..Ignore these Numbers!!!

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